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7 April 2010   Comments Off on Resident Evil: Afterlife Set Visit

Wentworth Miller (Prison Break) plays Redfield, a game character who fans have been waiting to see on the big screen for years.

“They say that ignorance is bliss, and I think the good news is that I went into this very much a clean slate,” says Miller. “I hadn’t seen any of the movies, I never played the videogames. … I’d never heard the name Chris Redfield, but I was quickly made aware that there was a rather large fan base out there for the movies and the videogames and that this character held a special place in people’s hearts and minds. And so I of course wanted to proceed with respect.”

Miller did some research and found that there are several different interpretations of the character, including Anderson’s take on Chris in the script for the film.

“I had the images I saw online,” says the actor. “I had what I saw in the videogames, and of course I had Paul’s script. And Paul’s the fountainhead as far as I’m concerned. … The Chris Redfield that he introduces is not only someone who’s been through a lot of serious crap, but is now emerging from a particularly dire set of circumstances. So I had to figure out how to make all of those different influences work and marry that to what I bring as an actor to the table. And it has to be, in a sense, at the end of the day my Chris Redfield.”

And yet, it’s also the fans’ Chris Redfield, says Miller. When it came time to put together the character’s wardrobe, Miller and the filmmakers harvested what was already out there for Chris.

“As far as what we came up with, it’s very much representative of many of those online influences,” he says. “He’s got grey military fatigues, and we paid particular attention to what we call his gack — the kneepads, the belts, the sword, the back gear, the plate, the little flashlight on the belt.”

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