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“Killer Robots” – Elizabeth must decide whether to use autonomous unmanned weapons or send U.S. soldiers to bring the mastermind of the UN gas attack to justice. Also, Blake is questioned by Senator Hanson (Wentworth Miller) about potential campaign finance violations related to his love life, and Henry and Elizabeth search for the perfect dog, on Madam Secretary, Sunday, Oct. 20.

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– Screen Captures 6×01 – Hail to the Chief
– Screen Captures 6×02 – The Strike Zone

5 October 2019   Comments Off on ‘Madam Secretary’ Season 6 Episode 2 Features ‘Prison Break’ Star Wentworth Miller

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Madam Secretary season 6 that may influence your enjoyment in discovering the plotlines. Read at your own risk.

A Prison Break star has joined the cast of Madam Secretary season 6. Wentworth Miller will be introduced in the second episode as a recurring character named Senator Mark Hanson.

Madam Secretary season 6 episode 2, titled “The Strike Zone,” will find Mike (played by Kevin Rahm) facing a Senate Intelligence Committee, per the episode synopsis. He’ll need to answer allegations that his boss, Elizabeth McCord (played by Tea Leoni), had help from Iran to win in the presidential elections.

As viewers may have seen from the premiere last week, Madam Secretary season 6 opened with Elizabeth now serving the country as president in her first 100 days. However, the new Commander-in-Chief has been slapped with accusations that she rigged her win.

Meanwhile, the chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee is Miller’s Sen. Hanson. According to TV Line, this character is a “major power broker” with significant influence on Capitol Hill and will be a difficult adversary to topple if Elizabeth and her team play hardball during the investigations.

Madam Secretary season 6 episode 2 will air on Sunday, Oct. 13, on CBS. This season will be its final run with only ten episodes to air.

Originally, Madam Secretary season 6 was supposed to be a story on her path to the presidency. However, the producers decided over the summer to jump ahead and let her become the President of the United States. So, most of the storyline for this last outing will be the exploration of Elizabeth as the first female leader sitting in the Oval Office, Leoni told TV Insider.

Executive producer Lori McCreary also revealed that Madam Secretary season 6 will highlight the difference when a woman is in power as opposed to a man as the highest leader of the land. McCreary said that there are elements that people usually do not notice about the difference, which will be pointed out in the series. She also teased that viewers will get to experience what she thinks are the fantasies that people have when the president is a woman.

However, in changing the show’s direction, some of the characters from the previous seasons of Madam Secretary will no longer be back for the sixth season. Essentially, the final year will feel like a different show, but the producers promised it would end in a way that fans will never forget.

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5 September 2019   Comments Off on Madam Secretary: Wentworth Miller and Private Practice Doc Join Cast

Careful, Madam Secretary: The erstwhile Captain Cold is gunning for you.

Wentworth Miller (The Flash/DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, Prison Break) will have a recurring role in the CBS drama’s upcoming sixth and final season, TVLine has learned exclusively, playing a ruthless politician who hates the fact that Elizabeth McCord has been elected president.

As previously reported, Madam Secretary Season 6 will begin after a time jump that skips over Elizabeth’s presidential campaign and election. The premiere will find the former secretary of state about to mark her first hundred days in the Oval Office.

Miller’s character, Senator Mark Hanson, is chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee. As such, he’s a major power broker who has substantial influence on Capitol Hill (aka not the best person to have as an adversary).

Miller and Thornton’s arrivals aren’t the only cast changes happening this season. Kevin Rahm has been promoted to series regular for the show’s swan song. Meanwhile Keith Carradine, Sara Ramirez, Sebastian Arcelus, Geoffrey Arend, Kathrine Herzer and Evan Roe will no longer be series regulars in Season 6.

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9 August 2019   Comments Off on Fox Has No Current Plans For More ‘Prison Break’ or ’24’

Fox has had success reviving some of its classic shows like The X-Files, 24 and Prison Break. 24: Live Another Day returned with Kiefer Sutherland and then 24: Legacy introduced a new cast. The original Prison Break cast returned for a revival as well. Ever since, Fox Television Critics Association executive sessions were filled with promises of new development on 24 and Prison Break. But that was before Disney bought Fox.

In February, Fox Entertainment CEO Charlie Collier said the 24 spinoffs Fox was previously developing were on the backburner as New Fox established itself. In today’s executive session, Collier confirmed Prison Break was not currently in development, despite the success of its 2017 revival series.

“There’s no plan right now to revive Prison Break or any of the other franchises, but when the creators come with a story that they think is the right time to tell, we are so ready to listen because those are some franchises of which I’m so proud and feel so fortunate that they’re in our stable,” Collier said.

Collier’s not going to say this publicly, but the fact is that no executive is going to move forward on the previous regime’s projects, especially when the previous regime has migrated to a different studio. Anything Prison Break creator Paul Scheuring was pitching will have to be revamped, if revived at all. The same goes for the 24 spinoffs, including a legal drama incarnation, that creators Joel Surnow and Robert Cochran were creating.

Fox’s reboot BH: 90210, in which the original cast of Beverly Hills 90210 play fictionalized versions of themselves, premieres tonight. So Fox isn’t ruling out reboots.

“Prison Break, 24, O.C., before this 90210, we happen to have some iconic IP that people want to see more of,” Collier said. “It’s such a blessing but the right way to do it I think is very much like the way 90210 came together, with the right people at the right time, the right people on both sides of the camera.”

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Added screen captures from Wentworth’s role as David Scott in Dinotopia to the gallery.

Thanks to my friend Kathryn for sorting this movie for us.

Dinotopia is a four-hour (three-episode) TV miniseries co-produced by Walt Disney Television and Hallmark Entertainment. It is based on the fictional world of Dinotopia, a utopia in which sentient dinosaurs and humans coexist, created by American author James Gurney. The miniseries uses plot details from Gurney’s first two Dinotopia books, Dinotopia and Dinotopia: The World Beneath, although it takes place in a time farther into the future. The main characters are two American teenage boys from a contemporary time frame (unlike the Victorian era castaways in the books—the film thus loses some of the classicism of the original books). The boys crash their father’s plane into the sea and get stranded on Dinotopia, where they must adjust to a new society. The story in the film contains references to many of the characters in the book series, with some of their descendents occupying key roles in the plot.

– Dinotopia DVD Screencaptures

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Added screen captures from Wentworth’s role as Dr. Adam in Underworld starring opposite Kate Beckinsale, Scott Speedman and Shane Brolly to the gallery.

Selene, a vampire warrior, is entrenched in a conflict between vampires and werewolves, while falling in love with Michael, a human who is sought by werewolves for unknown reasons.

– Underworld DVD Screencaptures

15 May 2018   Comments Off on Fox Wants More Prison Break

In recent years, Fox has brought back several of its biggest properties, including a 24 spin-off and revivals of The X-Files and Prison Break. As of now, none of the three properties are on deck for Fox’s 2018-2019 season, but the network isn’t closing the door completely on any of them. In fact, new installments of Prison Break and 24 are actively in development right now!

The fifth season of Prison Break aired in 2017 and saw original stars Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell return. According to Fox Chairmen and CEOs Dana Walden and Gary Newman, a new season is currently in the early stages of development. “We’re just focused on getting the next iteration right,” Walden said on a call with reporters Monday morning. “I don’t anticipate there would be any significant announcements for several months.”

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– Screen Captures The Flash 4×19 – Fury Rogue

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– The Flash Episode Stills > 4×19 – Fury Rogue

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