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20 November 2008   2 Comments

According Wentworth Miller, the series goes PRISON BREAK stop! The star revealed the news to our correspondent in the United States during an interview Monday in Los Angeles.

You can see the video interview in the EXPRESS SERIES next week. But the transcript is already in exclusivity.

Question: There is a rumor on the end of the series because of two episodes that have been added to the season. Is it that you can confirm? Is this the last season?
Wentworth Miller: We have no official decision. But all those working on the series know that it’s over. That’s it. I think that all those involved in the daily production understand that it is time to stop and leave on a positive note. If ever there was a fifth season, so it .. (he made the gesture of money with the hand – ie).

Can you talk with other players? Because it concerns their job, their work …
WM: Yes … But as regards (it’s repeated the gesture of money with the hand – ie), you know, this is a series of very successful.
This is a very lucrative. So there are some people, some makers, who do not necessarily ends. I think I withdrew everything I could from this experience and I am ready to go.

So the series will stop at the end of the season. That is what is being said?
WM: That’s what I hope … That’s what I hope …

  • Lic Merry
    Posted on November 20, 2008

    No please!
    I do not want to end the series T.T
    is the best! I’m very excited with the 4th season and concerned about the health of Michael but I hope q then if there is truth on the 5th or more seasons

    Congratulations to the site is GREAT!

  • ally
    Posted on November 21, 2008

    I think Went wants to move onto other projects. As an actor, i think it is normal that he wants to do that. I also read the french transcript of the interview, i think he wants to do something challenging and wants to end on a high note.

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