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Character: Michael Scofield

Created by: Paul Scheuring
First Aired: August 29th 2005
Status: Filming
Cast: Dominic Purcell
Amaury Nolasco
Wade Williams
Paul Adelstein
Robert Knepper
Rockmond Dunbar
Sarah Wayne Callies

Prison Break Season 1 Summary

Tells the story of Michael Scofield, a structural engineer who gets himself into a prison called Fox River, in order to escape with his brother, Lincoln Burrows, who’s on death row.
Michael has tatooed the prison’s blue-prints all over his body (masked as art tatoos), so that he could see every little detail of the prison and plan the escape the best way possible.
In the prison we encounter characters like Bellick, the tough guard, The Pope (the prison’s warden), and we get to know some of the prisoner’s like Michael’s cellmates Sucre and Haywire, as well as Westmorland, T-Bag, Abruzzi, Tweener and C-note.
When it comes the time to escape, they all want in..
We also get to know Sarah Tancredi, the prison’s doctor, who falls inlove with Michael, and ends up helping him and the whole gang escape.
Throught the first season we get to know all the characters and watch their adventures up until the moment of the escape.

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Prison Break Season 2 Summary

Kicks off as the brothers and their gang escape Fox River. They run into some difficulties when the plane who was supposed to take them to Panama bails on them, and now they have to, as Michael puts it, RUN.
With new characters sent to chase them, like Agent Alex Mahone and agent Kellerman, the escape turns into real hell for all those involved. And of course, there’s the whole issue of D.B Cooper’s 5 Million dollars who are burried somewhere in Utah and every prisoner has his own agenda and wants to keep the whole sum to himself.
The two brothers, Michael and Link, even get some unexpected help from their father, who is later shot dead by Mahone.
If at season 1 the prison was Fox River, at season 2 the whole country becomes their prison.. now they just have to be careful not to get caught!
As we experience the prisoners’ adventures, and especially Michael and Link’s, during the whole season, at the season finale we watch how Michael, who finally made it to Panama, along with Link and Sarah, takes the blame for a self defense murder Sarah has committed, and he gets thrown into a new jail, the worst there is, called Sona. We also learn he wasn’t thrown in there by accident…

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Prison Break Season 3 Summary

Begins with Michael, Mahone, T-Bag and Bellick in Sona prison. Fox River now seems like heaven compared to Sona.
We meet new characters, like Lechero, the guy who seems to be running the prison, and also the last guy you would want as your enemy. We also get to meet McGrady, a young guy who quickly befriends Michael.
Soon enough we get to know the real reason why Michael was sent to Sona: “The Company” wants him to break out James Whistler, one of the prisonners, with no questions asked.
Michael struggles with the decision, as he was willing to spend time in prison paying for his sins, but the dilema ends when The Company kidnapps LJ, Lincoln’s son, and Sarah. The Company gives Michael and Link an ultimatum – get Whistler out, or Sarah and LJ die.
In addition, we meet Sofia, Whistler’s girlfriend, who helps Link and Michael plan the escape, and Gretchen, who works for The Company, and has no problem doing anything to get what she wants.
As season 3 progresses, things get complicated, as it is not easy at all to break out of Sona. No prisonner has ever done it before. The Company gets tired of waiting, and to show Michael and Link they are serious, they send Sarah’s head in a box to Link…
Eventually, after a few failed attempts, and with the help of Link and Sucre, Michael succeeds in breaking out Whistler, and takes along McGrady and Mahone (leaving behind T-Bag and Bellick). But now Michael wants to avenge Sarah’s death, and he sets out looking for Gretchen and her people. In the mean time, Sucre gets put in Sona after they find out he’s been helping Michael.

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Prison Break Season 4 Summary

The greatest escape on television continues as Prison Break enters its nail-biting, action-packed fourth season.

After engineering a daring escape from the hellish, Panamanian prison Sona, brothers Michale and Lincoln are determined to seek justice against The Company, the shadowy group responsible for destroying their lives and killing the woman Michael loves, DR. Sara.

Michael’s quest for vengeance leads him to Los Angeles, where his world is turned upside down when Company operative Gretchen/Susan B. informs him that Sara is still alive. Realizing the only way they will truly be free, Michael and Lincoln avow to find Sara and take down The Company by stealing the organization’s “black book.” With the help of Homeland Security agent DON SELF (Michael Rapaport), they assemble a group of allies and familiar faces to accomplish their task: Mahone, Sucre, Bellick and computer expert Roland Glenn.

Unfortunately for the brothers, they must also evade Company assassin WYATT and find an on-the-loose T-BAG, who unknowingly possesses a vital clue to help them pull off their most difficult challenge yet.

Michael and Lincoln soon discover the only thing harder than breaking out will be breaking in.

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