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10 October 2017   Comments Off on Captain Cold Returns in Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 Sizzle Reel

The newly released sizzle reel for Legends of Tomorrow offered plenty for fans to enjoy – including the return of an old favorite.

About three minutes into the trailer, a new glimpse at Leonard Snart/Captain Cold (Wentworth Miller) can be seen. He’s seen seated at the side of Mick Rory/Heatwave (Dominic Purcell) in the Waverider’s galley.

As Legends fans will remember, Snart’s relationship with the show’s titular team has been a little complicated. The Flash villain initially joined the series in its first season, serving as a reluctant member of the team before sacrificing himself in the penultimate episode.

He then returned – in a series of unexpected ways – during the show’s sophomore season. In early episodes, he served as a sort of vision imagined by Mick, and was later plucked out of the timeline by Eobard Thawne/Reverse Flash to join the Legion of Doom. Once the Legion was defeated, they were returned to their respective timelines, with Snart receiving his sort of “happy ending” from Mick.

“Captain Cold is Heat Wave’s soul mate,” Purcell told ComicBook.com earlier this year. “He is his guidance and always has be his guidance. And then obviously we left off last year, where we did show how much Mick loves Captain Cold, because he sets him up in the past. He doesn’t kill him, and that speaks volumes.”

But when Snart does return, he will reportedly find a very different version of his former partner.

“Mick’s really letting go.” Purcell recently revealed. “He’s really stepped out of Snart’s shadow and he’s, on the surface, less dark — still very dark, but not as deeply burdened.”

Legends of Tomorrow will return to The CW on October 10th, at 9/8c, following new episodes of The Flash.

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