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17 May 2017   Comments Off on Prison Break recap: Wine Dark Sea

The Prison Break reunion we’ve all been waiting for finally happened! Michael is back with his true partner — Sucre. Oh, and he reunited with his wife and the love his life, Sara, too.

It may have taken four episodes to bring Lincoln and Michael together, but the revival waited a full seven before Michael came face to face with both his best friend and his wife. It’s unfortunate, since Michael’s relationships with Sucre and Sara are two of the three most important and beloved relationships on the series. While it would have been stretching the already tested limits of believability to have every major character in Yemen, this season could have used the humor of Sucre and the passion of Michael and Sara. Completely sidelining Sucre up until this point and giving more time to Ja, Cyclops, A&W, and Van Gogh is a confusing decision.

That being said, with the core crew all back in the mix, “Wine Dark Sea” was a marked improvement on the last few episodes. And we can thank the return of Sucre, the departure of Cyclops, and Michael and Sara’s reunion for that.

The solid episode starts in a groan-inducing way, as MJ draws a Greek hero, which is already a little much for a kid. Then it hits way too on the nose when he talks about how they can die. Now, let’s conveniently jump to a wounded Michael, and guess what? Ja has found a smuggler who will take them to Greece. Yes, Michael will be a dying man in Greece, right after his son is drawing a Greek hero who can die. That happened. Going to Greece sounds beautiful and smart, but one problem: The world thinks Michael is Kaniel Outis. “So what’s the alternative?” Whip yells at Lincoln. “Let him die? What kind of brother are you?” Yikes, I know Whip is new around here, but being a bad brother is the last thing I would accuse a Scofield or Burrows of. Unsurprisingly, a pissed off Lincoln grabs Whip and promises, “Say something like that again, I swear, I’ll kill you.” I believe it. More importantly, the brother of Mr. Always Has a Plan has a plan. I guess it’s genetic.

The action shifts back stateside to catch up with Jacob and Sara, who are enjoying a nice glass of wine. The romantic evening takes a drastic turn when Lincoln calls to share the good and bad news on Michael. Goods news: They’ve got him. Bad news: He’s been poisoned and is in rough shape. Her over-the-phone diagnosis is that he needs a transfusion and legit doctor. And he’s going to get both… from her! She’s headed for Greece, which doesn’t sit well with Jacob. He claims “it’s been a hell of a week.” Uh, welcome to the world of Prison Break, man. He almost forbids her from going but smartly backs off that request.

With Sara on her way to Greece, so is Michael, even though, like I predicted, it will be without Ja. “I owe you my life,” he tells the man who broke him out of prison. “You gave me back the world.” He’s exchanging Freddie Mercury and technology for peace and no walls. While Ja is feeling the best he has in a long time, Michael isn’t doing so hot; he throws up during the journey, and unfortunately, he’s not just seasick. They eventually arrive at their safe house on the island of Crete, where Whip continues to take care of his sick mentor. “I feel like we’ve been brothers since we met,” he says to an unconscious Michael. “With Linc here, it’s the first time I ever felt like an outsider with you. Like I lost part of my family or something. So you see Michael, you can’t die.” Damn. All right, it’s taken seven episodes, but I’m officially in on Whip.

And just like that, I’m going to need Whip to move over, because Sara is in the building! She rushes to the bedside of her previously presumed-dead husband. “I missed you,” she says as they cry and hold hands. “I’m going to make you okay.” As much as she’d surely like answers about, well, everything, she says that’ll wait until after she saves his life. And she does just that by giving him a transfusion directly from herself. Now that is first-class healthcare. During this reunion, Whip and Lincoln step away to give the couple some privacy. After Whip apologizes for questioning his dedication to Michael, Lincoln, like me, declares his pro-Whip stance, replying, “You’re family now.” The two then bond over drinking and brainstorming, as they try to figure out how they can make it back to the U.S. And I think they’ve got something because Lincoln gets the “I have a plan” face Michael is always getting.

Van Gogh and A&W are back from their trip to Maine and we get no update or clue on what happened with the Elvis impersonator. Instead, they’re meeting with a worked up Kishida, who is really confused about why they are trying to kill Kaniel Outis after he eliminated Ramal. In an all-time stupid move, he threatens to expose them. Come on Kishida, you’re smarter than that. Or maybe you’re not, we don’t actually know you very well.

Michael is awake, and he can’t be more excited to see Sara, admitting, “I never thought I’d see this face again.” He knows he owes her some answers, but first, he wants to see a picture of his son. One picture isn’t enough, it seems, as he breaks the rule of never recklessly scrolling through someone else’s cell phone photos and happens upon an image of Sara with Jacob. A shocked look comes across his face, and he declares, “It’s him.” The action instantly jumps back to Kishida’s meeting with Van Gogh and A&W. Predictably, the whole blackmail thing backfires when he is shot from behind. The shooter approaches and grabs Kishida’s phone from the puddle of blood. And Poseidon’s identity is finally revealed to be… Jacob. Oh, tell me something I didn’t know!

The revelation doesn’t seem to surprise Sara, which is weird since she recently fell for his whole stupid cover story and left MJ with him. Many commenters here have previously suggested that Sara didn’t buy Jacob’s attempts to explain his meeting with Van Gogh and A&W and that she placed a tracker on her husband. That doesn’t seem to be the case. Michael explains to Sara about Poseidon and the work of 21 Void, also revealing the moment he was betrayed by the rogue CIA agent. As predicted, the video Kellerman showed Sara of Michael killing the CIA director was a frame job by Poseidon, who had killed the man and made Michael clean it up. “There’s a plan to make this right,” contests Michael. “To protect our family.” Speaking of family, Sara finally remembers that their son is currently under the care of this evil psycho.

In much happier news: SUCRE IS BACK! It turns out, Lincoln’s plan hinges on my second favorite Papi (behind David Ortiz, of course). Lincoln did promise he’d need his brother’s former cellmate at some point, and the time is now. They need an off-the-books ride back to the States, and Sucre happens to be on a shady cargo ship. What are the odds? The payment would be $50,000, which actually seems kind of cheap. Luckily, Sara offers up her grandma’s outrageously valuable ring as funding. Having just been reunited, Sara and Michael are separated again, as she must go play dumb with Jacob and sneak away with MJ at her first chance. “Please come back to us,” she says as they embrace. And I’ve got to say, seven years later, the chemistry is still there!

Just as Michael says goodbye to Sara, he says hello again to Sucre. The bromantic duo are back together. “Papi, you’re alive,” exclaims Sucre upon feasting his eyes on Michael. After a quick meeting with the jerk of a ship captain, Sucre gives the boys a sneak peek at his side business — sex dolls. He might have a fancier name for it, but let’s be real, it’s sex dolls. Meanwhile, the jerk captain gets a notification about Kaniel Outis and quickly calls it in, leading to the deployment of a SEAL team to seek and destroy. That’s sure to put a damper on the bonding game of cards the boys are playing below deck. The good times end when they notice they’ve been locked in. “You really are a wanted terrorist?” asks a confused Sucre. “I thought it was an analogy.” Never change, Sucre.

Sara returns home and begins her greatest acting challenge — pretending to still love Jacob. The job becomes excruciatingly tough as he welcomes her home with a way-too-aggressive make-out attempt. She lies about Michael not being the same man she once knew and rushes to check on MJ, who Jacob says is sleeping. But he’s not in his room, sending Sara into a panic. Jacob creepily sneaks up behind her, adding that MJ is sleeping at a friend’s house. Way to conveniently leave that part out. And don’t think he didn’t notice her missing ring. Sara is able to get enough privacy to call BFF Heather and have her go pick up MJ.

The SEAL team is making their way through the ship, but don’t worry, Sucre has a plan. So can just anybody have a plan now? Michael needs to get these people off his block. The SEALs discover Sucre tied up and screaming that the guys went out the window. As they take him above deck, Michael crawls out from a hiding spot. The SEALs soon spot the boys running and try to smoke them out. Sucre is interrogated by the jerk captain, who hits him with punches and racist insults. Our man Sucre scores the last laugh though, getting free and knocking out the captain.

Sara is sneaking around the house when Jacob spooks her again. He’s in full Poseidon mode. “I forgave you for the lies,” he confesses. “How is that not enough for you?” I mean, the pot calling the kettle black, am I right? He walks away, and Sara gets a call from Heather that she’s en route to her house with MJ. With that, Sara grabs her secret gun and confronts Jacob. I’d probably just leave without saying anything, but I’ve never been married to a super villain, so what do I really know? “You’re going to tell me everything,” she declares. Sara, I feel like Michael kind of told you all the important deets. “It’s not over, Sara,” he responds. “Not even close.” He’s right, because Van Gogh is waiting for Heather and MJ when they return home.

Goods news and bad news on the ship: The SEALs are leaving, but that’s because the ship’s controls are damaged. Not ready to concede, Jacob calls in a favor. A missile is headed for the boys, causing them to make a run for it and jump overboard just as the ship explodes.

What did you think? What reunion were you more excited for: Michael and Sara, or Michael and Sucre?

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