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28 October 2014   Comments Off on The Flash: Wentworth Miller Talks Captain Cold

Prison Break’s Wentworth Miller plays one of The Flash’s deadliest rogues – Leonard Snart, a.k.a. Captain Cold – on tonight’s episode of The Flash, airing at 8PM on The CW. The hour also features a guest appearance by Arrow’s Emily Bett Rickards as Felicity Smoak.

“I had not heard of Captain Cold before, but I had heard of Greg Berlanti, had a lot of respect for what he’s achieved in this business, so I came in to meet with him and liked what I heard,” Miller says of his Flash origin story. Miller also relates how he saw the pilot – which he thought was “really strong” – and knew that The Flash was something he wanted to be a part of.

Upon getting the role, Miller Googled some images of Captain Cold, and some he responded to, and some he did not. He chose to take some cues from what the writers had planned. “I got the sense early on that there was a willingness to respect what’s come before, but also an interest in reinventing and giving things a fresh spin, so I thought, let me take the character from the pages of the script, specifically,” Wentworth relates. 250px-Flash182″What I responded to was this very powerful guy, who I think has been at the top of his game for a long time and maybe he’s gotten a little bored, a little complacent and then all of a sudden this extremely worthy adversary shows up and suddenly the game’s interesting again, and I think while he has it out for The Flash, on some level there’s also an appreciate and a certain degree of respect and I like the fact that he’s a villain, but there’s hints that other things are stirring beneath the surface.”

“I like the fact that I’m not strictly evil,” Miller says about his character. “That there are shades of gray, that there are things for me to kind of explore and layer in, that speak to the human side of Snart, because he does have a history and it is complicated and it does speak to who he is now and it’s my hope that given time, we have a chance to explore some of those things.”

Does Miller have advice for his young costars? “I think you have to experience it for yourself,” he says. “It’s impossible to anticipate, and that’s probably different, to a certain degree for everyone, but he’s in for a ride, that’s for sure. But, what I know about Grant [Gustin], and I think this is one of the things that radiates from him on screen in this character, is he’s got this great heart and this innate sense of decency. You believe him as this character, and I think, given the various challenges of a challenging business, that should serve him well.”

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