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24 November 2009   Comments Off on Interview with Wentworth

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2009 Guangzhou Motor Show today (November 23) opened by star of “Prison Break” and the soaring popularity in China, the “glamorous,” Wentworth Miller (Wentworth Miller) appears in the Auto-site and accept the NetEase Entertainment interview.

Netease Entertainment: This is your first visit to Canton? Have morning tea tasted in Guangzhou? A favorite snack of that morning cup of tea?

Miller: I arrived in Guangzhou yesterday afternoon, last night suffered a gourmet meal, but also eat snacks. Heard before I came to this city is very well known gourmet, and indeed did not let me down. My favorite is the steamed dumpling and fried wonton, and some green beans bacon.

Netease Entertainment: Speaking of cars, you have a total number of vehicles? Do you remember your first car What is it like to do?

Miller: I have only one car, one car Well, I think so. My first car was a white Chevrolet car. In fact, this is not my car is my friend, I borrowed a school vehicle.

Netease Entertainment: normally you generally what type of car to open out a drive? Your car is not generally have any special requirements?

Miller: When the car must be on a drive over the oil. I like the car behind you can have some artistic decoration, drove in his mood especially. My car’s good performance requirement is to be able to adapt to different road conditions, whether urban flat asphalt, or village rugged roads.

Netease Entertainment: This year in April broadcast of “Prison Break” big ending, a man is Mike is dead, so many of China’s “Prison Break fans,” sad. When you know the story after the arrangements for Mike how do you want to die from? You will not even want to “Prison Break” has a happy ending?

Miller: I also feel very sad. If they have a happy ending, can continue to live in happiness, then of course the best, but now the end is also very reasonable.
Because Michael has also made a lot of mistakes, many people die because of his conduct. His life is to love the person alive, his actions are based on love, people-centered, so the outcome will not be too fair. Of course, I also hope to have a happy ending, but now I am also very satisfied with the outcome, because he and this story is very consistent.

Netease Entertainment: Are you with the escape of the other actors also often have a link? For example, “Lincoln” and “Tea-bag”? Tea bags heroes starred in a villain, you see “heroes” do, you will see him perform on?

Miller: In this drama when we shoot like a family, and we got along really well. To the quick conclusion of the time, we feel that everyone did a very challenging thing, but the time has come to be the next break time. We all can continue to explore their life to the house of their lives. Some future point in time we may gather once again, but now we have each embarked on a new path.

I know that Tea-bag in the heroes played a role, I have not read it, but I heard he played very well, is a very good actor.

Netease Entertainment: Our website is one of China’s top portals, in September we did a 100-star like to watch the U.S. play in the planning. You starring “Prison Break” was 100 more than half of the Chinese entertainment industry and celebrities for the favorite candidates for the U.S. drama, how do you treat the “escape” in China’s influence? You have been chosen as the most influential U.S. opera star, Do you have any response.

Miller: This is a very big honor, so I am very pleasantly surprised, in the escape of everyone, including myself, every one role, all know that we revisit a story, this story will have an international reputation we are very respected our the audience, especially China audience. Life is only one opportunity to participate in such a thing, so I feel very lucky.

Netease Entertainment: Are you in the “Prison Break” will be played after the play do what the United States?

Miller: depends on circumstances of the case bar. Prison Break is a very large TELEVISION SERIES. Film is very long, there are a lot of sets, some of which had more than 20 in mind. Then I make another TV series, I may choose shorter, each a quarter, also up to 12 sets, so I can devote even more time to do other projects.

Netease Entertainment: Michael’s role is too deeply rooted among you, and do you think is not very difficult to go beyond this role?

Miller: Michael may be a difficult one to go beyond the role, but I should not have to challenge. This role has brought me a great shock, it will be my career in a bright spot, but I do not need them to live in the shadow of Michael. I am very happy for this drama to give you high marks, this is a very high honor.

Netease Entertainment: Last year, when you go to Beijing, visited the Great Wall and the Forbidden City, this what you want to visit tourist attractions?

Miller: There is time, then I want to go Hong Kong’s Victoria Peak to see the city’s panorama.

Netease Entertainment: Do you usually pay attention to China in the online fans of your comment?

Miller: I rarely look at Chinese netizens online to my assessment. Because I think the comments and dialogue between the User is very privacy, I do not need to deliberately spend energy to learn.

NetEase Entertainment: Now to talk about your latest big screen work, “Resident Evil 4: afterlife”, I ask you how to get Chris on this role? What was there during filming interesting things?

Miller: I think it is because I am in the “escape” in the performance in this very challenging role. While Chris and Michael are two completely different roles, but the audience may see me in the Christian body in the “escape” in some of the shadow. I’m happy very excited to participate in this female-dominated films which, because JOVOVICH together, she starred in a very tough, strong female roles, in addition to her than there are many other very strong female roles, this, and escape are great differences, because they “escaped” from some very powerful men to dominate. This is a very challenging role.

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