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17 September 2009   10 Comments

Wentworth goes to the movies with a friend in Hollywood.

– Candids September 15 2009

  • reham
    Posted on September 17, 2009

    she is a friend or a girlfriend ?

    nice pic but what he is wearing ? what a shoe ! hehehe
    anyway he is lovely whatever he wears .


  • Mihaela
    Posted on September 17, 2009

    Nice !!!!!! I think, he likes to spend his free time to see movies. The girl is beatiful…… good for him ….

    by by by

  • heba
    Posted on September 17, 2009

    He is so simple so cute.He looks adorable in anything he wears.
    Love u Wenty

  • Wenty LoVeR(Iraqi_Rose*93)
    Posted on September 17, 2009

    Cute i love to see him happy and having fun
    and i really like his taste about clothes and i love what he wearing outside he is a simple man…
    BUT(who’s that girl???)!!!!!

  • leopardlady
    Posted on September 17, 2009

    wenty look soooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ally
    Posted on September 19, 2009

    The girl looks pretty. They look good together too. Always love to see Went pics. He always looks cute in casuals.

  • Ellion
    Posted on September 20, 2009

    This is a girl sister Went!!!!

  • anwar
    Posted on September 21, 2009

    omg omg
    is sshe afriend or a girl friend ?!

  • bby pinq
    Posted on September 23, 2009

    is he dating or just a friends….well doesnt mather anyway….he’s just look beautiful in everythng he wears…..love u wenth

  • Cheynne
    Posted on November 17, 2009

    Who is she?? Has anyone found out yet?

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