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6 July 2009   6 Comments

Here is a translation of interview which scans I posted few days ago. Huge thanks to Laura for translating it for us.

Q: Have you ever thought about how you’d like Michael’s adventure to end?

W: I always answer to this question in a wrong way, and people get mad, so I’ll just tell I wish him a future of peace. He never had a minute to breath, so he deserves it.
I’m talking about one of those in which you sit on your couch, you look behind your shoulders waiting something coming to destroy that perfect moment, but luckily nothing happens. I hope Michael will allow himself to be alive and then to get bored. I like the idea of a happy ending, but I know his hands have got too dirty with blood and he could feel overwhelmed by the idea of the extreme sacrifice.

Q: You don’t seem to be comfortable to the sex symbol image, do you?

W: What makes Michael appealing is that – like me – he doesn’t see himself that way. During first season, when the phenomenon exploded, I was totally taken by surprise. But he’s a man able to end up in prison to save the ones he loves and this self-sacrifice of his is appealing worldwide.

Q: Has being the image of Prison caught you off guard?

W: I faced up really seriously to my responsibility to be the face of the show and to represent the cast and the crew. I always tried to do my best. I understand that however you can’t always conciliate what you want to what really happens.

Q: How did you react to criticism towards third season?

W: I know fans were unhappy, at least some of them. Actually in the first chapter Michael has a plan and he follows it, then in the second chapter he reacts to the events and in the third he has again his goals to achieve. Obviously I’m happy that the fourth chapter put the focus back to Michael and Sara in this kind of A-Team to survival and to the end of the game.

Q: What choice in Prison are you proud of?

W: There are a lot of them, but I can say with pride that it is the loss of Michael’s tattoo, mark of his past experiences. Going out in Dallas in July with long sleeved shirts was hell!

Q: What do you think about European fans?

W: No offense to American fans, but I believe international fans are astonishing. In Italy or China they make me feel like a rockstar: they are the special ingredient to Prison Break worldwide success, because they are critics and passionate at the same time. American TV doesn’t make show just for Iowa, it has to be always capable to satisfy foreign markets, like the Australian one, for example.

Q: What surprises you of their reaction?

W: Sometimes is simply funny. I always tease Sarah Wayne Callies (Sara Tancredi) when one of them approaches and asks her to take a picture. She takes a sigh of relief for anonymity but I enjoy it a lot. Once a ten years old boy (don’t ask me why he watched the show, I have no idea!) sent me a letter and he described Michael as
a sort of extreme boyscout. An interpretation like that cannot not catch me off guard.

Q: Is it time for a brilliant comedy?

W: I hope so: I’m scared to death to make people laugh but this is why I’m desperately looking for a comedy to do…

  • sherry
    Posted on July 06, 2009

    Very nice interview,Went is so cute & decent as he always is.
    I really felt that I miss him so much after reading this & I’m dying hard to see him soon in many roles not just Law & Order.
    Pls don’t scare sweetheart to make us laugh..ur fans adore u & they will love anything u do.
    Thanks Mary & laura for letting us know what’s new about Wenty

  • astrid
    Posted on July 07, 2009

    You have no clue how happy i am to get across this site and read this interview. I’ve been surfing about WENTWORTH for the past 3 days now. I’ve watched all 4 seasons of prison break. i was okay after watching each season because i know there will be another season to look forward to. But after the fourth season i panicked (literally) when i saw he died and there will be no more prison break. I am from the Philippines and watching prison break was the nearest thing i could get to wentworth miller. hope he will have another series soon.

  • MichaelSara4Ever
    Posted on July 10, 2009

    Nice interveiw and thanks for posting it. And its also nice that he meationed Sarah here too, they seem like close friends. I hope they are and keep in contact with each other now that PB is over 🙁 And I hope one day they both get to work with eachother again 😛

  • Gulya
    Posted on July 22, 2009

    Thanks, for the interview. I was looking for something like it. Watched all seasons of PB and really got upset about the Final, its really dissappointing that Michael had to die after all. But still the acting was brilliant. I wish Went all the best and looking forward for see him in the new movies. I am from Turkmenistan which is in Central Asia.

  • JHoAnne
    Posted on July 28, 2009

    Wow! thanks for the interview… i hope to hear more updates on went’s career…his future projects, etc. i really hope to see more of him on TV… maybe a new series or more TV guestings/appearances…
    aftr SVU. i”m from the Philippines, by the way. thanks!

  • salve
    Posted on August 19, 2009

    whewww!!!!!! i love went so much!!his beauty is amazing and he was really hot!!! hehe!! hope that he will do a movie nor tv series..i cant help it but i love him his eyes…the way he talk very talented and professsionallll guy..that you will love most…keep it up went….a lot of us (fans) love and adore you…from all over the world hehehe!!im from philippinesss!!! love you went<<mwahhhh……thank you mary for the website….

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