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3 April 2009   Comments Off on Prison Break: The final episodes

Warning: Those with no desire to know anything about future episodes of Prison Break should avert their eyes now!

So, Prison Break is due to return to US screens in a mere 18 days (not that we’re counting…) but that also means the end of the series is nigh (sigh).

In anticipation of the new episodes, we thought you might appreciate a few teasers about what’s to come in the final tranche…

The plan to expose The Company hits a snag when the brothers are framed for a crime they didn’t commit. Could they be headed for prison again?

A few past cast members are rumoured to be returning – and one is an original Fox River inmate!

Michael is faced with an impossible choice when both Sara and Lincoln’s lives are on the line. Will he save his brother or his girlfriend?

Gretchen, Mahone and T-Bag are among those lucky enough to be alive by the end of the season. Hurrah!

We’re treated to a Prison Break ‘movie’ after the series finale! The two hour-long shows will see Michael face his most challenging break ever…

Just in case you missed it, here’sa trailer for the final episodes of the show.

Prison Break returns in the US on Friday, April 17 and the following week on Sky1 in the UK.

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