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16 January 2009   1 Comment

This will be the final season of “Prison Break.”

Fox will shift the show to Fridays this spring for its final run of episodes, taking over for “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles” once the sci-fi drama finishes its run. “Prison” will air Friday nights at 8 p.m. starting April 17.

“The show just played out,” says Fox entertainment president Kevin Reilly. “Creatively everybody feels enough stories were told … we want it to finish strong and not just gimp out next season.”

“Prison” has four more episodes set to air, and might shoot a could extra series-ending episodes as well.

“They have a cool ending,” Reilly reassured.

Fox also will seat its Mitch Hurwitz animated comedy “Sit Down, Shut Up” on April 19, filling in the “King of the Hill” slot on Sundays at 8:30 p.m. after “The Simpsons.” “Sit Down” will take over after “King” has its series finale.

The first question for Fox entertainment president Kevin Reilly is about putting “Dollhouse” on Fridays. Fox does have hope — not entirely unreasonable — for its new Friday block.

The network has a trio of serialized shows that have either struggled in the ratings (“Terminator,” “Prison”) or are expected to struggle in the ratings (“Dollhouse”). Faced with an otherwise crowded schedule, executives think that by pooling all the shows together to attack a night that doesn’t otherwise have much competition – the biggest ratings draw is CBS’ female-skewing block led by “Ghost Whisperer” — maybe, just maybe, Fox can carve out a sustainable male-friendly niche that evening.

Nobody’s betting big this will work. But this is not simply Fox pilot Kevin Reilly wearing a rising sun bandanna aiming his plane at the deck of the U.S.S. Friday Night.

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  • Pb15
    Posted on January 16, 2009

    I don’t know why but I can’t help but think that Sara was raped when she was held captived, this explains her reaction in the first episode when Michael puts his hands on Sara’s shoulder, she was very scared. Also, Gretchen told us in Season 3 she was raped, I guess that leads to the existence of her and Padman’s daughter. Besides that, some of the leak scripts mentioned that Sara has something in her bag, I think that could be a pregnancy test (it’s time!) and I refuse to believe it’s drugs again or a gun or anything else. Wouldn’t it be great to see that the ending would be a triple wedding with Michael/Sara, Lincoln/Sofia and Sucre/Maricruz. LJ as the best man, but I think it’s too cheezy. Or fast forward a couple of years and show us a good ending of Michael and Sara with a child, better yet with Sarah Wayne Callies real daughter, that would be a great trivia for the final episode!

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