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15 September 2008   Comments Off on Prison Break: Why Is Michael Scofield Bleeding?

It might contain some spoiler.
Your fears about the fate of our beloved Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller) have been duly noted, and because I love you (and Wenty) so very much, duly investigated. Want to the answers to your burning Prison Break Q’s? Read on!

Charlotte in Nice, France: I need to know something about Michael on Prison Break! What is wrong with his health? Something like brain tumor?
In the immortal words of Arnold Schwarzenegger in the classic film Kindergarten Cop, “It’s not a too-mah.”

TJ: Give us some scoop on Prison Break’s supersexy Michael. Something is definitely wrong with my future boyfriend. He had a nosebleed in the premiere, and last night he clutched his head. I think maybe it’s an infection or severe reaction from the tat removal he had done.
Michael is indeed ill, and it’s a major part of this season’s mystery. According to a source close to the show, “The nosebleeds will be a big story this season. It will tie in with his mother’s history.” It is not an infection or a severe reaction from the tattoo removal. The nosebleeds are the result of something much more complicated and much more long-standing than that.

Nadia: I need Prison Break! I heard that Michael is ill. Do you know something about that?
Remember how I reported that this season would explore why Michael Scofield was so darn smart? Well, the nosebleeds and the history of Michael’s mother have everything to do with the backstory behind smarty-pants Scofield.

Missy in Durham, N.C.: What is going on with Michael Scofield and those nosebleeds? Is he sick? Please tell me he’s not going anywhere!
He’s not going anywhere. I checked in with a source very high on the Prison food chain, and he told me to tell you guys: “Don’t worry. There will be plenty more Scofield to enjoy.”

So, to sum up: The nosebleeds are not going to be fatal, “it’s not a too-mah” and the show will begin to explore more of Scofield’s backstory.

Sounds pretty good after all, right?

Got any thoughts of your own on this season of Prison Break? Post in the comments, and be sure to tune in tonight at 9 on Fox for an all-new episode!

Source: http://uk.eonline.com

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