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4 September 2008   4 Comments

Wentworth was seen trying to be low profile by dressing down with sunglasses and a hat. Miller looked a bit overweight as he checked out the tabloid magazines in Los Angeles

– Candids: August 26 2008

  • rabya
    Posted on September 05, 2008

    is it really him…

  • Mary
    Posted on September 05, 2008


  • rabya
    Posted on September 06, 2008

    as a v devoted fan i think he need a heavy workout plan n control diet.im not being rude its 4 his own good both personally n professionally .

  • sam
    Posted on September 06, 2008

    I have noticed that some people seem disappointed because he gained a bit weight !!! and what ?? I think some people just realized that he is a human being like everyone else, ( gain weight, lose weight) !! Yeah he is a human being !!! I was surprised me too when I saw the pic for the first time, but I am not going to be focused on his weight !!!( Maybe he is happy in his life, maybe not, we cannot know …….). Wentworth doesn’t owe us anything, he lives his life as he feels. I ‘m agree with you Rabya ( he needs to control his diet for his health, I think it’s the most important and professionnally, because we know that the show business is a world superficial…. his image). But I think some people are superficial, and they want to shape wentworth for their visual pleasure. A sex symbol shouldn’t gain weight !! But who is hidden behind the sex symbol, the human being !!

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