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31 August 2008   1 Comment

Just imagine Prison Break’s Michael Scofield and his band of brothers walking the streets of Los Angeles, I certainly can’t. T-Bag at the Hollywood Bowl? Linc stuck in a traffic jam on the 101? Sucre at the Getty? Okay, so maybe they won’t be visiting Hollywood’s hotspots, but it’s still going to be a sight to see.

As an avid PB watcher for the past three seasons, it’s no surprise the writers are hitting the reset button once again, or as star Wentworth Miller would say, “We take what we already know works and toss it out the window at the start of every season.”

It’s not completely out with the old (heck even Dr. Sara Tancredi’s coming back) and in with the new for season four, but luckily I had Miller (aka Scofield) on hand to break it down for us.

You’re never in good company when you’re with The Company:
If you’re like me, you’re probably wondering why in the world the gang left Panama for Los Angeles, but leave it to Miller to explain the reasoning without skipping a beat, “It’s finally time to take on the puppet master. I think at this point, we’ve battled many serious advisories – Gretchen B., Agent Kellerman, etc., etc. Michael in season two had that great face-to-face with the president of the United States and you really thought that this was going to be the end of the journey. It turns out someone else was pulling the strings…I think what the team realizes…that they can no longer flee. It’s time to stand and fight.”

Scofield reunites with his decapitated lady love:
No one shrieked louder than I did when Linc opened that box to reveal Sara Tancredi’s decapitated head inside. Miller was mum about her resurrection, but gushed, “I really felt her absence season three. I felt that her return was important not only to my character, but also to the show in general. What can I say; the fans have spoken. Sara returns.”

The newest addition to the team … Michael Rapaport:
Prison Break has had some great additions over the years (William Fichtner, Chris Vance and Robert Wisdom just to name a few) and this season its Michael Rapaport joining the cast as Agent Don Self. Miller explains, “He’s the ‘Charlie’ to our ‘Angels’ if you will…. he oozes character. There’s character to spare where he’s concerned. His role is a pivotal one this season because he is upper boss, in effect; he is sympathetic and yet, there is supposed to be something a little bit off about him. That, of course, comes to a head, I think, later in the season. I think Michael pulls that off beautifully.”

It’s finally time to address the most intricate tattoo known to man:
Michael’s a long way from Fox River these days, so it kinda sucks that he has to wear around the prison blueprints for the rest of his life…or does he? Well, Miller wouldn’t come out and say it, but it sounds like he’s got more up his sleeve than a fake tattoo. “It was a laborious process, putting that thing on throughout seasons one and parts of two. I was interested in sort of addressing it. I knew it was this open-ended question. The fans were wondering when it would come back, how it would come back. I knew that it probably wouldn’t really fit into the plot at this point. So, I went to the writers and said, ‘How can we really address this issue in a way that feels satisfying and give some closure to people who were constantly on the look out for it?’”

The brotherly love between Linc and Michael is stronger than ever:
Can these two brothers bear to be apart? Yeah right! “I think this season is about kind of settling their mutual debts,” Miller says. “At the top of the season, we see Lincoln in Panama. He has a potential love interest. He’s reunited with his son for the first time. It’s possible that he can make a life for himself, but he knows that his brother, who sacrificed everything so that Lincoln could go free, season one, is back in the States on this revenge quest. I think out of allegiance and a sense of indebtedness, Lincoln follows his brother to the States so that they can stand together and take on the conspiracy. But I think when all is said and done the brothers will be able to part as equals.”

The old gang is back in business:
Michael just can’t shake his band of misfits, even the likes of T-bag and Bellick. “We do have an assemblage of old friends and foes standing together to take on the company,” Miller confesses. “I think if anything, that’s what remains the same about Prison Break, season-in and season-out. We do change the playing field. But at its core, the show is about six or seven alpha dogs shoved in a cage, fighting together, at each other’s throats, but still having to work together to achieve some common goal.”

All kidding aside, the show does take place on the streets of L.A.:
“My joke is if there’s a nudie bar or a pawn shop, that’s where we are,” Miller says with a laugh. “The good news is that we’re not pretending that L.A. is Downtown Hong Kong. We’re pretending that L.A. is L.A.…One of our first episodes was at the Roosevelt Hotel. I think that’s important to the kind of general aesthetic of the show. It’s always been about the environment versus the characters.”

It’s where Holly-hood meets Hollywood:
L.A. runs the gambit from Skid Row to Beverly Hills so it’s no surprise the show touches on both. Miller says, “There are some characters that are introduced that are the lowest of the low and there are some that run in the highest circles. It’s pretty much across the board. I will say that recently, half of the cast and the Splinter crew got to go to Las Vegas and I understand had an amazing time, both on and off camera.”

Prison Break could go from high-octane action to Greek tragedy:
Michael started out with the best intentions; saving big bro Linc from execution for a crime he didn’t commit, but few could call him innocent today. Now rumors are swirling that our favorite good guy gone bad could be killed off at the end of the series. Redemption? “I think that there’s definitely a price to be paid for this little adventure. Michael’s hands are pretty filthy at this point in the series. It’s become harder and harder to tell the good guys from the bad guys and the question becomes, can there be any sort of redemption for Michael? What would that look like? What would that take? Perhaps laying down his life so that someone else can live might be one answer to that question.”

Source: http://www.hollywood.com

  • Manon
    Posted on September 01, 2008

    Hello I am a French and I look at Break prison at the same time as the United States. We have 6 hours of gap. Tomorrow, on Tuesday I could finally see PB season 4 with sous titles. Everything in daytime I go on your site to see if there are news about PB. Here is it is all that I had to say. Kisses.

    Sorry if there are grammatical mistakes.

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