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15 May 2008   1 Comment

What’s the first thing fans ask about: your name or the Prison Break body tattoo?
Neither! We have a very polite fan base. Nine times out of ten they keep their voices at a whisper.

What’s the best answer you’ve made up?
Someone asked who my favourite­ designer was and I answered “the Gap”. Mental note: make something up.

Is it true you were once in an a cappella group?
Oh God! Yes, I was a member of the Princeton Tigertones. It got me to Europe. We went on the QE2 each summer – a total scam. We sang for four hours in exchange for passage, then we’d throw down a hat in Paris and sing to pay our way.

So, will you audition for a part in Grease 3?
I’d love to be in a cool musical­ as a feature film, but I prefer horror films, or psychological thrillers. I do have a favourite musical though: ­Jesus Christ Superstar­. I’ve watched it two or three times a year for the last 30-odd years.

Blimey, that’s a bit keen…
If anyone asked me who I’d like to meet, it’s Ted Nearly, who played Jesus.

And you’re writing a screenplay?
Stoker – it’s a treatment I have in development­. The beautiful thing about Prison Break is I have fans who are directors­, producers.

I hear you’re a demon Scrabble player. What’s your best word?
I’m still working on my four-letter words. I learned from my parents how to play nice and tight, so I’m a great one for dropping down one letter and screwing up whoever.

You were in Mariah Carey’s video for We Belong­ Together­ – is she bonkers?
No, she was really very down to earth and very gracious.

What’s the worst audition­ you’ve had?
I had 20 pages of sides [lines] and I was auditioning for Keanu Reeves’s best friend, a big scene where I console him ’cause his father’s died. Just before I went in, they gave me new sides and said there were a few changes. The character that was the best friend is now Keanu Reeves’s brother and I’m mourning the death of my father. It all fell to s***.

Prison Break Series 3 is out on DVD on Monday. The fourth series returns to Sky One this autumn.

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  • misssolis
    Posted on May 15, 2008

    Cool interview 😀 I wonder for what movie was the audition for. It would have been so cool to see Wentworth playing Keanu Reeves’s best friend, not brother 😛

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