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31 March 2008   Comments Off on 50 Greatest TV Shows

Empire Magazine has revealed list of the 50 Greatest TV Shows and Prison Break is on 49.

Okay, so we all know this show has not so much jumped the shark as leapt on its back and ridden it rodeo-style across the ocean, but there was a time when this was guilty pleasure in its purest form. The first season (the one which was actually set in a prison) found the saintly Michael Schofield covering himself in handy tattoos and incarcerated in the same chokey as his death row-sentenced brother. Amazingly, it lived up to the completely ridiculous premise, so it’s a shame that the second and third seasons took the institutionalized concept out of its comfort zone.

Best episode
Riot Drills And The Devil Parts 1 and 2 (Season 1, Episodes 6-7), the episodes that really saw the show step up a gear as the evil T-Bag kick starts a full-scale cellblock riot. It’s a breathless two-parter that sees Dr Sara Tancredi’s infirmary under siege from jonesing inmates, Michael’s best-laid plans under threat and T-Bag killing off an unfortunate prison guard.

Did you know?
If you were to have a tattoo like Michael Schofield’s, it would take around 200 hours to finish and it would cost around £10,000.

Source: http://www.empireonline.com

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