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Fox Home Entertainment has dated the Prison Break Event Series Blu-ray and DVD for June 27th. The same day will also deliver the Prison Break Collector’s Set Blu-ray that includes all five seasons of the Fox drama starring Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell. Fox produced a single appropriate bonus feature for the Prison Break Event Series Blu-ray and DVD release. It is titled ‘A Return Home: The Making of Prison

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In the words of the great DJ Khaled, “Congratulations Michael, you played yourself.” The penultimate episode of the Prison Break revival featured the impossible: Mr. Always Has a Plan got outplanned. The cool and calculated genius, who is seemingly always five steps ahead, let his emotions get the best of him, leaving him so vulnerable that he talked himself into thinking a kid however-old-MJ-is years old could plant an incredibly

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Warning: Spoiler alert! Do not proceed if you haven’t watched Tuesday’s episode of Prison Break. Prison Break staged a heartfelt reunion — and it was well worth the wait. On Tuesday’s episode, titled “Wine Dark Sea,” a dying Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller) — his body poisoned with antifreeze — was cured by the only doctor capable of doing so, his true love, Sara Tancredi-Scofield (Sarah Wayne Callies), who flew from

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The Prison Break reunion we’ve all been waiting for finally happened! Michael is back with his true partner — Sucre. Oh, and he reunited with his wife and the love his life, Sara, too. It may have taken four episodes to bring Lincoln and Michael together, but the revival waited a full seven before Michael came face to face with both his best friend and his wife. It’s unfortunate, since

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The premise of tonight’s episode sounds incredibly fun on paper: The Flash teams up with Captain Cold to steal the Dominator crystal from ARGUS. There’s a lot of potential in that simple storytelling idea, an opportunity to play with genre. Imagine if The Flash jazzed up classic heist tropes with superpower shenanigans. Not only would that be entertaining, but it would also be a lighthearted approach to this admittedly serious

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It’s the Prison Break reunion eight years in the making. After Michael (Wentworth Miller) was forced to fake his death to protect his family, he will finally reunite with his wife Sara (Sarah Wayne Callies) during Tuesday’s episode of Prison Break — and EW has the exclusive first look. “At the core of episode 7 is the reunion with Sara, which is the reason for him to leave, to get

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There will be no more 24: Legacy or Prison Break on Fox in the immediate future, execs announced today, though there may be a chance of escape to another revival eventually for the latter. There are “no plans rights now” for more of the Wentworth Miller– and Dominic Purcell-led Prison Break after its latest event series revival, Fox co-chairman and CEO Gary Newman said today. However, the exec didn’t shut

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Prison Break works best when it has compelling villains. The first two seasons — unequivocally the high point of the series — featured strong antagonists like Kellerman, Vice President Reynolds, and Mahone. The story lines that put them in pursuit of our heroes kept viewers invested and interested, not minding the time away from Michael, Lincoln, and Sara. I knew Paul Kellerman and Caroline Reynolds and Alexander Mahone. They were

3 May 2017   Comments Off on Prison Break: Here’s how Michael is still alive

Warning: This story contains major spoilers from Tuesday’s episode of Prison Break. Read at your own risk! The truth behind Michael Scofield’s survival was finally revealed during Tuesday’s episode of Prison Break. A few weeks before Michael (Wentworth Miller) married Sara (Sarah Wayne Callies) — TV movie The Final Break kicked off at their wedding reception — Michael was approached by rogue CIA operative Poseidon, who offered everyone their freedom

3 May 2017   Comments Off on Prison Break recap: ‘Contingency’

Do you ever sit through an episode of television just violently shaking your head and wondering how such terrible plotlines made it to screen? That was me to the fullest during this episode of Prison Break. Before I begin my rant, let me acknowledge that I did enjoy the scenes featuring Lincoln and Michael reunited, once again on the run together. Their chemistry and bond is the biggest reason the

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