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Earlier this year, Wentworth Miller was confronted with a painful image – an Internet meme that struck such an emotional chord that the actor decided to open up for the first time about the depression he’d battled his entire life.

“I was having a really strong emotional experience and I needed to get it out,” Miller tells PEOPLE exclusively of his decision to write a reactive Facebook post. “Articulating how I’m feeling, that’s a life-saving practice. And it’s part of my self-care.”

The meme featured two side by side photos of Miller, one from 2006 when he was in peak shape, and one from 2010, when the Prison Break” star, semi-retired from acting, had gained weight. The caption read, “When you break out of prison and find out about the McDonald’s Monopoly.”

“I knew whoever was responsible didn’t know me or know anything about me,” Miller, 44, says now. “They didn’t have a clue what kinds of issues they were bringing up for me.”

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Thanks to my friend Victoria I have added more pictures of Wentworth from Tv Line Portrait Studio – Comic-Con International.

– Photoshoots TV Line Portrait Studio – July 23 2016

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Even though San Diego Comic-Con has famously grown bigger and bigger, welcoming an ever-wider variety of fare, some may still ask: What qualified Prison Break to be a part of this year’s event?
Well, just as Michael Scofield can hatch an escape using a piece of chewing gum, Wentworth Miller is here to craftily justify the action-thriller’s invite to the epic fanfest.

Visiting Michael Ausiello at TVLine’s Comic-Con studio presented by ZTE, Prison Break’s co-lead says the series “has always been comic book-like” with its heightened reality, even as it plays the more serious, emotional notes.
Case in point: the very fact that Michael is alive, despite meaningfully sacrificing his life at the end of the original series. Of his remarkable resurrection, Miller says the explanation is “cool, unexpected and justified.”

And when Sara gets wind of this “cool” news? Prison Break fans anticipate feeling many emotions if and when Michael and his great love (as well as the son he never knew) reconnect after seven years of him being “dead” — even though Sara has moved on with a new husband (played by Royal Pains‘ Mark Feuerstein).
To this day, Sara is Michael’s “emotional bull’s-eye,” Miller says, but the interesting question for him to explore with the revival was, “Is Michael still the man she fell in love with?,” having done some “dark things” during his absence.
Miller also effuses about the “high school reunion” nature of getting his prison crew back together, and weighs in on whether Michael might die, again.

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Wentworth Miller is equally pumped for Fox’s limited-series Prison Break revival as the rest of us.

ET’s Leanne Aguilera caught up with the 44-year-old actor at San Diego’s Comic-Con on Saturday, where he spilled on the series’ fresh new take.

“[My co-star] Dominic [Purcell] tells me that we did a Prison Break [panel] at Comic-Con when the show was originally airing,” Miller said of the cast being at the convention for the original show, which ran from 2005 to 2009. “I have no recollection of that, but I just trust that he’s telling me the truth.”

“It’s nice to be back, even though I don’t remember what happened before,” he added. “But it makes sense to me in a strange way that Prison Break is at Comic-Con, because it’s got kind of a comic book element to it and always has, so in that way, it feels like a marriage.”

Miller is reprising his role as Michael Scofield, and he joked that performing his own stunts once again has been, well, interesting now that he’s in his mid-40s.

“[Stunts are] a lot different at 44 then they were at 34,” Miller explained. “I do what I can, but if I need my character to look cool and like he knows what he’s doing and my stunt double can execute that better, then I’m happy to step aside. It’s just in service of telling the best story possible.”

In addition to Miller’s exciting Prison Break revival gig, he recently entered into a series regular contract with Warner Bros. that will allow him to portray roles in various Greg Berlanti-produced shows simultaneously, including Legends of Tomorrow and The Flash, Deadline first reported.

“Yeah, it’s a sweet deal,” Miller, who is no longer a series regular on Legends, gushed. “It’s the most fun I’ve had as far as a character.”

“I have a lot of respect and love for Michael Scofield, but Captain Cold is a good time, and so the opportunity to kind of pop up and do a little song and dance for The Flash or Legends — and then get out and then not have to do the expositional heavy lifting that Michael Scofield has to do, it’s a good time,” he added.

But when it comes to choosing between playing a villain or a hero, the Princeton grad says he doesn’t have a preference.

“I like a degree of both,” he revealed. “I like characters that are somewhere in the shades of gray — not strictly black, not strictly white.”

Last month, Miller’s Prison Break co-star, Purcell, suffered a gruesome injury while filming scenes for the highly anticipated revival when an iron bar fell on top of him, resulting in a major gash in his head and a broken nose.

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Wentworth Miller, Sarah Wayne Callies, Dominic Purcell and Robert Knepper attend the Fox Action Showcase: ‘Prison Break’ And ’24: Legacy’ during Comic-Con International 2016 at San Diego Convention Center on July 24 in San Diego.

Thanks to my friend Victoria for some Hqs.

– Events Comic-Con International 2016 – Fox Action Showcase: ‘Prison Break’

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Prison Break cast ateended booth signing on Sunday, July 24 at the FOX FANFARE at San Diego Comic-Con.

– Events Prison Break booth signing – July 24

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Original stars Wentworth Miller, Dominic Purcell, Sarah Wayne Callies, Robert Knepper, as well as producer Vaun Wilmott showed a sneak peek at the nine-episode limited series.
Prison Break returns next year with new episodes six years after the drama went off the air. Ironically, it was the man whose onscreen death capped the original series who engineered the revival.

“The green light essentially came from Wentworth [Miller],” his onscreen brother Dominic Purcell told the crowd Sunday at Comic-Con.

The two first reunited when Miller suggested Purcell for a role on The CW series Legends of Tomorrow. “We got on set and it was just like we hadn’t been apart for all these years and we started talking about Prison Break and we started mulling through the idea of, ‘Let’s revisit this.”

The two approached the producers and “the process was very quick after that,” Purcell said.

Although it was Miller’s idea to return to the show, he had certain mandates for the new installments. Specifically, to combine what fans loved about the show and “be true to the show’s DNA … but also something radical and different and new,” said the actor.

Miller specifically praised executive producer Paul Scheuring’s “topical, edgy point of view.”

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